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Canyonlands Adventure Ride

May 3rd-5th 2013

Amazing vistas, ancient Indian ruins, rugged mountains, vast canyons, total isolation for 100s of miles.  Simply some of the best and most scenic riding in southeast Utah.  Please help the Utah Shared Access Alliance to keep this area open for everyone to enjoy.



Amazing vistas, ancient indian ruins, rugged mountains, vast canyons, total isolation for 100s of miles.  Simply some of the best and most scenic riding in southeast Utah through two track roads, single track and everything inbetween.


May 3-5 2013


The ride will start and end in Moab Utah.


The first night will be primitive camping off the motorcycle in the backcountry of Utah.  Riders will need to bring all supplies and be self-sufficient for one night of camping.  The 2nd night will be tent camping and BBQ and Beers will be provided.  

Update 12-6-12:  RIDE IS FULL.  Thanks for all the intrest, and sorry to those that cant make it.  Please follow the ride on ADVrider here 


May 3rd-

The ride will start in the morning in Moab and follow the vast Colorado River Valley along Lockhart Basin into the Needles District of Canyon Lands.  From there the ride will go over the challenging Elephant Hill into Beef Basin and Ruin Park.  We will camp in this amazing ancient Anasazi Indian farming valley and there will be plenty of time to explore the ruins that are scatered throug the hills.

May 4th-

This section of the ride will be very scenic and will go from the high desert into the Mante la Sal mountains via Gooseberry and Wooden Shoe Rd to Lake Powell.  From Lake Powell we will travel up some of the best 2 track roads into the Maze District of Canyonlands National Park and on to the awe inspiring San Rafeal Swell for much needed BBQ and Beers.

May 5th-

The final days route will be decided by the group and will be casual back roads to Moab or technical world class desert single track in the Dubinky area.    


This is an adventure style ride that will tour some of the most remote and desolate areas in Utah.  Riders will need to carry all camping gear and supplies on their bikes and should have experience in the backcountry and be ready for repairs and self rescue if needed.  The nearest services and civilization are several hours away.  

The riding is moderate 2 track and dirt roads that allow riders to keep a faster pace.  There are a few challenging areas, most notably the Elephant Hill area.  

Bikes need to be plated and need 150 mile minimum gas range.


This ride is very remote and help is a long ways away.  Any minor problems with bike or rider are amplified and can become very serious.  Participants should be accomplished riders with a high skill level and be experienced in back-country travel and capable of self rescue.  We encourage riders to have a "buddy" so if they have to leave the ride for any reason they will still have a riding partner. 

This is a truly epic area that has some of the most diverse terrain and scenery.  It is guaranteed to be a good time supporting a great cause.

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Some of the views:




It was a great ride with an amazing group of people.  The ride covered just over 500 miles in 3 days though some of the best and most scenic county around.  A big thanks to everyone who made this ride such a success.

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